Damad Chahiye

1985 - HINDI - MOVIE


      Damad Chahiye is a 1985 American hindi-language Comedy movie featuring Joe Swanberg, Sophie Traub, Robert Longstreet, Benjamin Gilani, Priyadarshini and Madan Puri. Damad Chahiye was Produced by Laura Heberton, Laura Klein, Interests Lavalette and Russell Sheaffer. The film is written and directed by Josephine Decker. Cinelicious acquired the distribution rights for the motion picture. Damad Chahiye was released on 1st January 1985 and takes a screen time of 94 minutes. Cinematography was done by Ashley Connor and editing by David Barker, Josephine Decker and Steven Schardt. The music was composed by Molly Herron along with Jeff Young.

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