Leona Calderon



      Leona Calderon is a retiring altruistic music lover earning her living cleaning establishments and private homes.. Leona Calderon is a 2013 Tagalog-language Comedy Drama motion picture featuring Yoosuf Shafeeu, Mariyam Nisha, Irene Alano, Gabriela Belard, Sarah Borges, Greg Canestrari and Imelda De Los Reyes. Dash Studio was the production house involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Hassan Ali. Leona Calderon is written by Jowee Morel and Moosa Saaid and it is directed by Jowee Morel and Amjad Ibrahim. Leona Calderon was released on 8th May 2013 and takes a screen time of 182 minutes. The screenplay for the movie was written by Amjad Ibrahim. Cinematography was done by Ahmed Athoof and editing by Semi Musthafa. The music was composed by Mohamed Madheeh.

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