Shrimathi Bhagyalakshmi


      Shrimathi Bhagyalakshmi is a 2014 Kannada-language show featuring Apeksha Purohit in the title role.

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      Hotstar Kannada
      Release Date2014


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      Streaming Sources
      E 1
      Shreepad sees Kailash with doctor
      E 2
      Gowtami has a plan
      E 3
      Maanvi is in for a shock!
      E 4
      Kailash is married!
      E 5
      Pritham and Gowtami s date
      E 6
      Maanvi leaves for the US
      E 7
      Maanvi,Kailash s engagement
      E 8
      Plots to expose Kailash
      E 9
      Shreepad is held captive!
      E 10
      Sarala shares her woes
      E 11
      Will Kailash get the property?
      E 12
      Kailash kidnaps Shreepad
      E 13
      Gowtami supports Sarala
      E 14
      Shreepad learns the truth
      E 15
      Kailash plans to trap Shreepad
      E 16
      Bhagya snubs Kailash
      E 17
      Sarala begs for Kailash s love
      E 18
      Maanvi is going to the US
      E 19
      Gowtami, Pritham protect Sarala
      E 20
      Maanvi detests Gowtami
      E 21
      The doctor blackmails Kailash
      E 22
      Pritham s movie offer
      E 23
      Sumathi provokes Kailash
      E 24
      Kailash s deeds are exposed!
      E 25
      It s Gowtami s birthday!

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