Lee Evans Live: Roadrunner at the O2


      Lee Evans Live: Roadrunner at the O2 is a 2008 American English-language television series starring Justin Hires, Jon Foo, Aimee Garcia, Page Kennedy and Wendie Malick. The series is inspired from Rush Hour by Jim Kouf Ross LaManna. Doozer in association with RatPac Television, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Television. were the production houses involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Trey Callaway, Steven Fielder, Andrew Cholerton, Carlos Jacott and Brian Chamberlayne. Series originally aired on CBS in English. Warner Bros. Television acquired the distribution rights for the television series. Creators of the series include Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick. Lee Evans Live: Roadrunner at the O2 has only one season and a cumulative total of 13 episodes which have a running time of 60 minutes each. Cinematography was done by David Connell, Christian Sebaldt and Marshall Adams and editing by Roger Bondelli, Noel Rogers, Elisa Cohen and Mike Banas. The music was composed by Waz-jackson & Al Sgro.

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