Young Chandrakanta, the princess of the kingdom of Vijaygarh loses her family and kingdom in a battle waged by the evil Queen Iravati of Naugarh, hungry for ultimate power. Her mother, Queen Ratnaprabha, ensured her daughter’s safety before dying with the help of their pet magical dolphin, and the baby ends up with a childless, loving, ordinary Aiyaar couple in the kingdom of Suryagarh, growing up with faint memory of the destruction that had occurred. Unaware of the full extent of her magical powers and her destiny, Chandrakanta grows up to be an exceptionally skilled, beautiful and formidable Aiyaara warrior. The world believes the heir to the Kingdom of Vijaygarh has died and Chandrakanta herself has little knowledge of her true identity. 21 years later, destiny brings Chandrakanta face to face with Prince Veerendra of Naugarh, both unaware of two facts – that they had been betrothed to each other as kids, and that his mother was responsible for the destruction caused to Chandrakanta’s life as a child. Meanwhile, Veer not only feels competitive towards her for being a far more skiled warrior than her but also feels attracted to her beauty and spirit. What will happen when Chandrakanta finds out the truth of her disturbing past and Veer’s association with it? What will become of their love once the truth comes out? Will the desire for revenge override the heart’s connection between the two formidable forces? Chandrakantha is a 2017 Telugu-language series.

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      Hotstar Telugu
      Release Date2017


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      E 1
      Meet Princess Chandrakantha
      E 2
      Chandrakantha Stuns Virender
      E 3
      Virender s On A Mission
      E 4
      Shivadutt Confronts Virender
      E 5
      Chandrakantha Reveals Her Identity
      E 6
      Shivadutt Humiliates Virender
      E 7
      Chandrakantha s Life In Danger
      E 8
      Shivadutt Confesses His Love
      E 9
      Virender Offends Maricha
      E 10
      Maricha Wants The Keys
      E 11
      Jay Singh s Shocking Revelation
      E 12
      Chandrakantha Takes A Stand
      E 13
      Shivadutt Kills His Father
      E 14
      A Stranger In The Kingdom
      E 15
      Chandrakantha Dreams About Virender
      E 16
      Krur Singh To Expose Virender
      E 17
      Will Chandrakantha Surrender?