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Zero Calling is the story of an ordinary man, David, who is coerced by a mysterious caller, Zero, to do his bidding by 'righting wrongs' in Singaporean society. David quickly realizes what he is doing is no than gutter vigilantism - taking the law into his own hands. However, David cannot escape from Zero because this mysterious master has made him a slave: Zero knows where he is, what he does and even who he talks to. It ms like Zero also has the power to harm those he holds dear - his wife, Julie, and his teenager step-daughter Maddy, and will not hesitate to do it in the course of playing this twisted game. Through this difficulties, David races with time to find out the identity of Zero so that he can have his life and privacy back. Who is Zero? An enemy from the past? Whoever he is, he has to be unmasked and stopped before he claims another victim - or before the police closes in on David and puts him behind bars. Written by Anonymous Zero Calling is a 2014 English-language Thriller television series featuring Patrick Brammall, Emma Booth, Genevieve O'reilly, Emily Barclay, Ned Dennehy, Aaron L. Mcgrath and Pernilla August. Matchbox Pictures was the production house involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Ewan Burnett, Louise Fox, Julie Eckersley and Emma Freeman. Zero Calling is written by Louise Fox, Kris Mrksa, Giula Sandler and Pete Mctighe and it is directed by Emma Freeman and Tony Krawitz. Series originally aired on ABC in English. Creators of the series include Tony Ayres and Louise Fox. The series has a running time of 51-57 minutes for each episode. Cinematography was done by Simon Chapman, Earle Dresner and Aaron McLisky and editing by Mark Atkin, Peter Carrodus and Angie Higgins. The music was composed by Cornel Wilczek.

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