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In a fantasy world, a mysterious figure leaves a baby boy with a retired bounty hunter in a small village with instructions to raise him until the time is right for him to find his biological family. Years later, that boy named Yugo discovers he has powerful magic abilities using the power of Wakfu even as his village is threatened. Working with a bunch of newfound friends, Yugo is able to help save his home and discover his quest. However, there are villains who know about the boy too and are determined to gain his power for their own ends. Regardless, Yugo is on that quest with his friends to find his family and answers about his past with greater implications concerning both he is only beginning to understand. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@rogers.com) Wakfu is a 2008 French-language Animation Adventure series starring Fanny Bloc, Geneviève Doang, Jules De Jongh, Thomas Guitard, Adeline Chetail, Ross Grant and Antoine Tomé. The series is inspired from Wakfu. Ankama in association with France Television. were the production houses involved in the project. The series is directed by Anthony Roux and Fabrice Nzinzi. Series originally aired on France 3. Creators of the series include Ankama Animations, France Televisions, Frakas Productions and Pictanovo. Wakfu has 3 seasons and a cumulative total of 70 episodes which have a running time of 22-25 minutes each. The music was composed by Guillaume Houz.

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Animation, Adventure, Family

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