Trinayani is a 2019 Indian hindi-language show starring See Below in the title role. Trinayani was Produced by Haarsh Limbachiyaa. Series originally aired on Colors TV in hindi. Trinayani has 2 seasons and a cumulative total of 142 episodes which have a running time of 45 minutes each. Trinayani was released on 16th March 2019 and takes a screen time of 45 minutes for each episode.

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      Zee 5 Telugu
      Vodafone Play Telugu
      Release Date16 MAR 2019
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      Streaming Sources
      E 1
      Kantamma throws Trinayani out of the temple - Trinayani
      E 2
      Goddess Visalakshi’s ‘Radhotsavam’ - Trinayani
      E 3
      Trinayani sings at the temple - Trinayani
      E 4
      Trinayani saves a child - Trinayani
      E 5
      Vishal to stay in India - Trinayani
      E 6
      Trinayani receives the Goddess’s saree - Trinayani
      E 7
      Trinayani tries to find the bride in danger - Trinayani
      E 8
      Shyamala locks Trinayani in a room - Trinayani
      E 9
      Sumana tries to let Trinayani out - Trinayani
      E 10
      Sumana lets Trinayani out of the room - Trinayani
      E 11
      Trinayani disguises herself - Trinayani
      E 12
      Trinayani gets an idea to save Subhadra - Trinayani
      E 13
      Subhadra attempts suicide - Trinayani
      E 14
      Nayani’s grandfather predicts her future - Trinayani
      E 15
      Nayani gets fever - Trinayani
      E 16
      Kantamma warns Shyamala - Trinayani
      E 17
      Nayani gets emotional - Trinayani
      E 18
      Tilottama’s plan to ruin the puja - Trinayani
      E 19
      Nayani’s family learns that she left the house - Trinayani
      E 20
      Ahalya foils Tilottama’s plan - Trinayani
      E 21
      Vishal performs the ‘homam’ - Trinayani
      E 22
      Shankar and Shyamala find Nayani - Trinayani
      E 23
      Nayani foresees a car accident - Trinayani
      E 24
      Vishal loses control of his car - Trinayani
      E 25
      Nayani tries to save Vishal - Trinayani