The Polar Sea


      The Polar Sea is a 2016 English-language show. BBC Natural History Unit was the production house involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Ted Oakes. The series is directed by Saritha Wilkinson. Series originally aired on BBC Two in English. The television show has a running time of 60 minutes for each episode. The music was composed by Brett Aplin.

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      Streaming Sources
      E 1
      The New Everest
      E 2
      Sailing Ice
      E 3
      Legends of Food
      E 4
      Wild Science
      E 5
      Arctic Exiles
      E 6
      Surviving Civilization
      E 7
      Arctic Crossroads
      E 8
      Melting Land
      E 9
      Striking Oil
      E 10
      Passage to the Future