The Daltons



      The Daltons are back in jail. And they want out. Real bad. Every episode is a new chance to escape. The Daltons is a 2010 English-language Comedy Animation show. Xilam in association with Lucky Comics, Dargaud Media and B Media Kids. were the production houses involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Marc Du Pontavice. The series is directed by Charles Vaucelle. Creators of the series include Olivier Jean-Marie, Jean-Fran ois Henry and Oliver Jean-Marie. The music was composed by Herv Lavandier.

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      Streaming Sources
      E 1
      1. Size Wise, The Art Of Being A Dalton, The Scent Of Freedom
      E 2
      2. What A Ball!, Joe s Amnesia, The Daltons And The Web.
      E 3
      3. The Masked Avenger, An Unnatural Catastrophe, The Jailbird s Genie
      E 4
      4. The Daltons take royal leave, The walker throgh walls, A very special Indian
      E 5
      5. The Daltons Fury,Fury, A Hairy Situation, Evil Jenny
      E 6
      6. The Voice of Freedom; Cactus Joe; Multiple Joes
      E 7
      7. A Back Up Plan, Beauty And The Beasts, Highly Gifted Daltons
      E 8
      8. A Piece Of Cake!, The Daltons On Line, The Ideal Dog
      E 9
      9. The Puppeteer, Drigami Time, Fries For Free
      E 10
      10. An Indian Wedding, Gust of Wind, Daltons in the Movies
      E 11
      11. Zoo-Break, The Daltons And The ghost. Daltons Are Moonstruck
      E 12
      12. Gigi The Giraffe, The Dalton s Cousins, Inspection Time
      E 13
      13. Who Kidnapped Rintindum? , Daltons in hardhats, The Daltons and the beanstalk.
      E 14
      14. The Travel Box, The Bread War, Monkey Business
      E 15
      15. Prince of the Desert, Service Station, Gaint!
      E 16
      16. Wanted: four cute boys, Two winged Daltons, High on cactus.
      E 17
      17. The Daltons Reality Show, Roll Up, Daltons!, Daltons InA Kit
      E 18
      18. Momma Knows Best, Inside Rintindumb, Bouncing Daltons
      E 19
      19. Funny Fangs Dalton, Super-A-Verell, All Hands On Deck!
      E 20
      20. Fort Dalton [Special]
      E 21
      21. The Daltons Get Jabbed, Triple Idiot, Popcorn For The Daltons
      E 22
      22. Firefighting Daltons, The Daltons Get Fit, Hell s Bells
      E 23
      23. Guards, Stop Those Daltons!, Penitentiary Palace Hotel, Marshmallow Trap
      E 24
      24. The Wand, Model Inmate, The Stew Affliction.
      E 25
      25. Enemy Sisters, Top gear, The Daltons and the Tortoise