Tamilcom is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language show starring Manjari, Shyam Ganesh, Sakthi Kumar, Abser and Preethi Srinivasan. SAN Media Limited was the production house involved in the project. Tamilcom is written by S.kumaresan and directed by K.rajeev Prasad and R.balaji Yadav. Series originally aired on Sun TV in Tamil. Tamilcom has 2 seasons and a cumulative total of 616 episodes which have a running time of approx. 14-21 minutes per episode each. The screenplay for the series was written by S.Kumaresan. Cinematography was done by D. Srinivas and editing by Rama. Thirunavukkarasu. The music was composed by D. Imman along with Rehan.

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