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An investigative Journalist thinks she's found a killer, and breaks into his place to find the evidence. Only when he come's back it becomes a game of cat and mouse with deadly consequences. Simon is a 2016 American English-language television show starring Gerald Mcraney, Jameson Parker, Mary Carver, Eddie Barth, Jeannie Wilson, Tim Reid and Joan Mcmurtrey. Universal Television was the production house involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Mark A. Burley, Richard Chapman, Mary Eagle, Bill Dial, George Geiger and Richard C. Okie. Series originally aired on CBS in English. NBCUniversal Television Distribution acquired the distribution rights for the show. Creator of the series is Philip DeGuere Jr. Simon has 8 seasons and a cumulative total of 156 episodes which have a running time of 45-48 minutes each. Simon was released on 13th September 2016 and takes a screen time of 45-48 minutes for each episode. The music was composed by Joseph Conlan.

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Netflix English
₹ 199 per month
Release Date13 SEP 2016
Run Time85 MINUTES


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