Shin chan


      Shin chan is a 1990 English-language television series.

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      Streaming Sources
      E 1
      1. Dad’s Golf Plans! / Picnic on the Golf Course! / Kazama’s Nightmare!
      E 2
      2. Our Cycle Has Been Stolen! / Mom is Forced to Return the Things! / What are Mom and Dad Secretly Talking?
      E 3
      3. Encho-man Saves Humanity! / A Commotion in School!
      E 4
      4. Creating a Photo Album! / Volleyball Training! / Who Will Win the Volleyball Match?
      E 5
      5. Himawari s Mischief! / A New Rabbit in Nene-chan s House! / Nene-chan and her Mother s Promise!
      E 6
      6. Friendship With Masao! / Mom has a Good Mood Today! / The Quest For a Kappa!
      E 7
      7. Mom s Medical Checkup! / Mom and I Will Play Cards! / I Will Drink a Lot of Milk!
      E 8
      8. Who Met Matsuzaka Ma am? / I m Going to Yoshinaga s House! / I Will Wash the Utensils Today!
      E 9
      9. A Competition Between Mom and Dad! / Who Will Eat These Radishes? / Yoshirin and Micchi Are in Our House!
      E 10
      10. Dad’s Secret Shopping! / A Lot of Money in Our House! / You’ll Repent If You Get Late!
      E 11
      11. What is Ageo Ma am Making? / Mom Joins the Ladies Volleyball Team! / Will Mom Play Volleyball?
      E 12
      12. Grandpa is Coming Home! / A Debate With Grandpa! / Mom and Dad Wants Grandpa to Return!
      E 13
      13. Spending Time with Grandpa! / Where Did Kazama Lose his Bag?
      E 14
      14. Ai-chan is Coming to Meet Dad! / I Have to Collect Stickers! / Ai-chan Will Visit Himawari!
      E 15
      15. Dad Visits My School! / Bo-chan, a Great Detective! / Nothing Can Be Found in the House!
      E 16
      16. We’re in Search of a New House! / We’re Shifting Into a New House! / The First Night in Our New House!
      E 17
      17. Meeting Our New Neighbours! / A New Morning at Our New House! / Shin-chan Invites His Friends Home!
      E 18
      18. How many People Live in Our Neighbourhood? / This Shortcut is Longer!/ Will Mom Reach on Time for the Sale?
      E 19
      19. Our Dream House! / Do You Have a Part-time Job? / A Hole in Our Wall!
      E 20
      20. My Poor Dad! / I Love the Star Festival! / Why is the Rain Not Stopping?
      E 21
      21. What is Happening in Our House? / Masao Catches an Insect! / Playing the Hide-and-seek Game!
      E 22
      22. What Does Our Neighbour Want to Learn from Mom? / Micchi and Yoshirin Visit Us! / Cleaning the Webs!
      E 23
      23. What Did Masao See? / Doing a Lot of Shopping! / Meeting Nanako!
      E 24
      24. We’re Exchanging Diaries! / Shiro Comes Home! / My Summer Holidays Have Ended!
      E 25
      25. Will These Two Be Sisters! / When Will the Rain Stop? / My Eyes Are Red!


        Awards for Shin chan
        • Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, India
          1 WON
          1 NOMINATIONS