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The story revolves around Shabnam, a talented Muslim girl, who aspires to become a doctor. When her parents force her for marriage, she escapes from home, but accidentally comes across Jashojit, a Hindu doctor, and marries him. Nakshi Kantha is a 2019 hindi-language television series. Nakshi Kantha was released on 16th March 2019.

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Release Date16 MAR 2019

Hindi, Bengali



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Rohini s hatred for Shanam increases - Nakshi Kantha
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Shabnam falls prey to Swapnadip s evil act - Nakshi Kantha
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Swapnadip s conduct is questioned - Nakshi Kantha
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Shabnam notices a change in Raibul - Nakshi Kantha
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Rabiul tries to fool Shabnam - Nakshi Kantha
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Jash tears the marriage registration paper - Nakshi Kantha

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