Monster Town



      Maverick is a Super Monster Truck. All the inhabitants of Monster City can rely on him. However, he hardly ever manages to solve a problem by himself. Fortunately, his friends are always here to help. Monster Town is a 2018 English-language Animation television series starring June Yoon, Ryan Desrosiers and Malina Germanova.

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      TubiTV English
      Release Date2018




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      Streaming Sources
      E 1
      Mia s accident in the well
      E 2
      The monsters are racing
      E 3
      The monster bulldozer s corn
      E 4
      The fire accicent
      E 5
      Mountain CRASH
      E 6
      The SECRET Place
      E 7
      Build a race circuit
      E 8
      Get his ball back
      E 9
      The Cure
      E 10
      The Strongest Monster
      E 11
      The magnetic rock!
      E 12
      Chasing mia!
      E 13
      Monster quake!
      E 14
      Trapped in the Forest!
      E 15
      The giant slingshot!
      E 16
      Out of water!
      E 17
      Mia is stranded in the middle of the sea!
      E 18
      Max is framed in a cave!
      E 19
      The Crazy Race!
      E 20
      Stuck on the Riverbank
      E 21
      Moe gets carried away!
      E 22
      The Treasure Hunt
      E 23
      Over a cliff edge!
      E 24
      Max is hypnotized
      E 25
      The buried treasure

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