2017 - SERIES

      Jin and his dragon monster Draka set out on a racing adventure and try to save the kingdom from evil forces. MONKART is a 2017 Korean-language television series.

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      Release Date2017
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      E 1
      Awakening Knight
      E 2
      The Return of Michael
      E 3
      Finding the Monkart Expert
      E 4
      The Seed of Auobyss
      E 5
      An Imminent Threat
      E 6
      The Secret of Sena
      E 7
      The First Tournament
      E 8
      The Secret of the Gemstone
      E 9
      Pixie s Will
      E 10
      The Mysterious Ghostia Town
      E 11
      A Knight s Duty
      E 12
      The Fog Maze
      E 13
      Maze Showdown
      E 14
      Where the Wind Blows
      E 15
      Reading the Wind
      E 16
      The Girl in the Dark
      E 17
      Evolution Z
      E 18
      At the End of the Rampage
      E 19
      Special Training, Again and Again
      E 20
      To Posca Castle
      E 21
      Hearts in Resonance
      E 22
      Louis Crisis
      E 23
      Into Posca Castle
      E 24
      Into the Final Round of Posca Grand Prix
      E 25
      The Title Match