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Zee 5 Telugu
Airtel Xstream Hindi
Release Date19 DEC 2020
Run Time22 MINUTES



Romance, Thriller

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Streaming Sources
E 1
Meenakshi gets her sight back - Meenakshi
E 2
Meenakshi undergoes a surgery - Meenakshi
E 3
Sarada gets hospitalised - Meenakshi
E 4
Meenakshi - August 27, 2019
E 5
Roshni plots against Meenakshi - Meenakshi
E 6
Kartik grabs Roshni’s neck - Meenakshi
E 7
Kartik retrieves the stolen money - Meenakshi
E 8
Roshni’s friends try to humiliate Meenakshi - Meenakshi
E 9
Meenakshi feels uncomfortable at the party - Meenakshi
E 10
Roshni and Meenakshi go to a party - Meenakshi
E 11
Roshni steals INR two lakhs - Meenakshi
E 12
Mandaram prepares a sweet - Meenakshi
E 13
Roshni’s friends visit her - Meenakshi
E 14
Roshni plots to kill Meenakshi - Meenakshi
E 15
Kasi slaps Roshni - Meenakshi
E 16
Kartik gets a job - Meenakshi
E 17
Meenakshi becomes the new chairman - Meenakshi
E 18
Roshni rebukes Meenakshi and Maheshwari - Meenakshi
E 19
Meenakshi - August 08, 2019
E 20
Bhanumurthi arrested - Meenakshi
E 21
Meenakshi learns about Nagabhushan’s murder - Meenakshi
E 22
Kasi tries to kill Roshni - Meenakshi
E 23
Bhanumurthi confronts Roshni - Meenakshi
E 24
Kanakam moves into Meenakshi’s house - Meenakshi
E 25
Bhanumurthi learns Roshni’s plans - Meenakshi

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