Masha’s Spooky Stories

2021 - SERIES

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      Release Date2021
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        Streaming Sources
        E 1
        1. Soul Freezing Tale Of Grim Forest And Tiny Timid Bug
        E 2
        2. Super Scary Story Of A Little Boy Who Was Afraid Of Washing
        E 3
        3. Terrifying True Story About Monsters And Those Who Fear Them
        E 4
        4. Troubled Fable About A Kitten Who Was Lost But Found
        E 5
        5. Nightmarish Kids Belief About Christmas Rhymes
        E 6
        6. Grim Parable About Superstitious Girl
        E 7
        7. Grim Testament About One Snotty Boy
        E 8
        8. Grim Tale About One Girl Who Was Afraid Of Animals
        E 9
        9. Horrifying Story Of Grandmother And Grandson
        E 10
        10. A Myth Full Of Grief And Despair About One Historical Error
        E 11
        11. Panic Unbearable Legend About Insects
        E 12
        12. Troubled Story About Baba-Yaga
        E 13
        13. Sinister Saga Of A Sick Tummy And A Girl Who Was Afraid Of Doctors
        E 14
        14. Fantastic Story About A Hedgehog, A Boy And Green Humanoids
        E 15
        15. Horrible True Story Of How A Boy Was Transferred To Another School
        E 16
        16. A Terrible Tale About A Cow Herder On A Stump
        E 17
        17. A Ghost Bike Saga Which Makes You Shiver
        E 18
        18. Scary Story About Spooky Stories
        E 19
        19. Creepy Tale About Useful Inventions
        E 20
        20. Gloomy Story About The Darkest Dreams
        E 21
        21. Terrible Legend About Thunder And Lightning
        E 22
        22. Terrible Truth About Those Who Are Afraid To Be Little
        E 23
        23. Bloodcurdling Saga About Joyful Event
        E 24
        24. Monstrous Tale About Tall And Short
        E 25
        25. Frightening Incident At The Circus