Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

2019 - SERIES

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      Netflix Japanese
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      Release Date2019
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        Streaming Sources
        E 1
        Episode 0 Initium Iter
        E 2
        Episode 1 Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia
        E 3
        Episode 2 Fortress City: Uruk
        E 4
        Episode 3 The King and His People
        E 5
        Episode 4 Welcome to the Jungle
        E 6
        Episode 5 Gilgamesh s Journey
        E 7
        Episode 6 The Tablet of Destinies
        E 8
        Episode 7 Diversionary Operation
        E 9
        Episode 8 The Mother of Demonic Beasts
        E 10
        Episode 9 Good Morning, Goddess of Venus
        E 11
        Episode 10 Hello, Goddess of the Sun
        E 12
        Episode 11 Temple of the Sun
        E 13
        Episode 12 Death of the King
        E 14
        Episode 13 Goodbye, Goddess of the Underworld
        E 15
        Episode 14 Decisive Battle
        E 16
        Episode 15 The New Humanity
        E 17
        Episode 16 Awakening
        E 18
        Episode 17 The Congress Dances
        E 19
        Episode 18 Star of the Beginning, We Look Up at the Sky
        E 20
        Episode 19 Absolute Demonic Front Mesopotamia I
        E 21
        Episode 20 Absolute Demonic Front Mesopotamia II
        E 22
        Episode 21 Grand Order