Doctor Don

2020 - SERIES

      Doctor Don is a 2020 marathi-language television show. Doctor Don was released on 5th March 2020.

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      Zee 5 Marathi
      Vodafone Play Marathi
      Release Date05 MAR 2020
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      E 1
      Deva punishes Shambu and Patel - Doctor Don
      E 2
      Deva goes to help Monica - Doctor Don
      E 3
      Deva gets admitted to the university - Doctor Don
      E 4
      Monica insults Deva - Doctor Don
      E 5
      Monica punishes Radha - Doctor Don
      E 6
      Will Radha or Monica win the challenge? - Doctor Don
      E 7
      Deva decides to change his behaviour for Radha - Doctor Don
      E 8
      Monica is happy with Radha s answer - Doctor Don
      E 9
      Will Monica s plan be successful? - Doctor Don
      E 10
      Monica goes to meet Deva - Doctor Don
      E 11
      Deva s friends make fun of him - Doctor Don
      E 12
      Students at the hostel refuse to give Deva a room - Doctor Don
      E 13
      Deva goes to stay at the hostel - Doctor Don
      E 14
      The students of the hostel do Deva s ragging - Doctor Don
      E 15
      Deva arranges for the students food - Doctor Don
      E 16
      Kabir states his point of view regarding Deva - Doctor Don
      E 17
      Kabir and Deva are suspended from the college - Doctor Don
      E 18
      Radha accompanies Kabir for a trip with Deva - Doctor Don
      E 19
      Kabir gives Radha a gift - Doctor Don
      E 20
      Deva gives a solution for Kabir s problem - Doctor Don
      E 21
      Deva helps Shekhar out - Doctor Don
      E 22
      Deva daydreams about him and Monica - Doctor Don
      E 23
      Monica throws Deva out of the college - Doctor Don
      E 24
      Lokhande threatens Monica which infuriates Deva - Doctor Don
      E 25
      Radha exposes Deva s secret - Doctor Don