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Separated at childhood, Divya and Drishti attain super powers - to not only see the future, but also manipulate it. However, their own future lies in the hands of an evil Pishachini. Divya-Drishti is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language series starring Sana Sayyad, Nyra Banerjee, Sangita Ghosh, Adhvik Mahajan, Mishkat Varma, Karan Khanna and Kushagre Dua. Fireworks Productions was the production house involved in the project along with executive producer(s) B.p. Singh and Mukta Dhond. Divya-Drishti is written by Rekkha Modi and directed by Arshad Khan. Series originally aired on Star Plus in Hindi. Star India acquired the distribution rights for the television show. Divya-Drishti has only one season and a cumulative total of 106 episodes which have a running time of 45 minutes each. The screenplay for the series was written by Nikita Dhond and Janki V. Cinematography was done by Hrishikesh Gandhi and editing by Shatrujeet Singh and Kapil Ubana. The music was composed by Ashish Rego.

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Hotstar Hindi
Release Date2019
Run Time42 MINUTES


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