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Zee 5 Marathi
Release Date2020
Run Time22 MINUTES




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Streaming Sources
E 1
Dimple notices blood on Ajit Kumar s shoe - Devmanus
E 2
Ajit Kumar tries to sabotage Manjula s land deal - Devmanus
E 3
Manjula and Ajit Kumar start afresh - Devmanus
E 4
Manjula asks about Ajit Kumar s changed behaviour - Devmanus
E 5
Ajit Kumar s behaviour makes Dimple doubtful - Devmanus
E 6
Ajit Kumar returns! - Devmanus
E 7
Police take Manjula into custody for interrogation - Devmanus
E 8
Ajit Kumar s disappearance worries the villagers - Devmanus
E 9
Manjula s words perturb Ajit Kumar - Devmanus
E 10
The villagers apologise to Manjula - Devmanus
E 11
Manjula introduces her husband to everyone - Devmanus
E 12
Villagers decide to oust Manjula - Devmanus
E 13
The villagers gossip about Manjula - Devmanus
E 14
Manjula vows to expose Ajit Kumar - Devmanus
E 15
Manjula stops Ajit Kumar from leaving the village - Devmanus
E 16
Ajit Kumar decides to leave the house - Devmanus
E 17
Ajit Kumar goes to Manjula s house - Devmanus
E 18
Dimple to steal Manjula s house key - Devmanus
E 19
Dimple goes to Manjula s house - Devmanus
E 20
Ajit Kumar gives Dimple a task - Devmanus
E 21
Ajit Kumar stalks Manjula - Devmanus
E 22
Ajit Kumar keeps staring at Manjula - Devmanus
E 23
Ajit Kumar comes to know about Manjula’s medicines - Devmanus
E 24
A bet between Dimple and Ajit Kumar - Devmanus
E 25
Manjula apologises to Ajit Kumar - Devmanus