De Dhamaal

2021 - SERIES

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      Zee 5 Marathi
      Release Date2021
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        Streaming Sources
        E 1
        The kids get weepy for Zampya - De Dhamal
        E 2
        The kid s trip to Sinhagad Fort - De Dhamal
        E 3
        Everyone goes on a picnic with Rutu s uncle - De Dhamal
        E 4
        The challenge of finding out more about Rutu - De Dhamal
        E 5
        The kids go to Water Kingdom - De Dhamaal
        E 6
        Both the groups celebrate Diwali together - De Dhamaal
        E 7
        The kids plan for Diwali - De Dhamaal
        E 8
        Everyone catches Veerappan - De Dhamaal
        E 9
        Chinu goes to face Veerappan - De Dhamaal
        E 10
        Everyone gets scared seeing Veerappan - De Dhamaal
        E 11
        Jhampya and Ameya see the terrorist - De Dhamal
        E 12
        An official comes to the school - De Dhamaal
        E 13
        Everyone celebrates Ganeshotsav - De Dhamaal
        E 14
        Chinu and Zampya decide to celebrate together - De Dhamaal
        E 15
        Kids come up with plans to celebrate Ganeshotsav - De Dhamaal
        E 16
        Zampya and Chotya Vangya - De Dhamaal
        E 17
        Ameya and Zampya find a mobile phone - De Dhamaal
        E 18
        The devil of Zampya s bottle - De Dhamaal
        E 19
        Ameya and Zampya s magic trick - De Dhamaal
        E 20
        Spruha and Chinu teach Zampya a lesson - De Dhamaal
        E 21
        Zampya and Chinu argue - De Dhamaal
        E 22
        Manju tries to expand her group - De Dhamaal
        E 23
        The children start practising for the competition - De Dhamal
        E 24
        The police catch Godbole - De Dhamal
        E 25
        Godbole flees on seeing the police - De Dhamal