Chip n Dales Rescue Rangers

1989 - SERIES

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        E 1
        Piratsy Under The Seas
        E 2
        Adventures In Squirrelsitting
        E 3
        Flash The Wonder Dog
        E 4
        The Pound Of The Baskervilles
        E 5
        Risky Beesness
        E 6
        Out To Launch
        E 7
        Dale Beside Himself
        E 8
        Parental Discretion Retired
        E 9
        Catteries Not Included
        E 10
        Three Men And A Booby
        E 11
        Kiwis Big Adventure
        E 12
        A Lad In A Lamp
        E 13
        Bearing Up Baby
        E 14
        The Carpetsnaggers
        E 15
        The Luck Stops Here
        E 16
        Battle Of The Bulge
        E 17
        Ghost Of A Chance
        E 18
        An Elephant Never Suspects
        E 19
        Fake Me To Your Leader
        E 20
        Last Train To Cashville
        E 21
        A Case Of Stageblight
        E 22
        The Case Of The Cola Cult
        E 23
        Throw Mummy From the Train
        E 24
        A Wolf In Cheap Clothing
        E 25