Businessmen vs. Aliens


      Out of the blue, six people are drafted to defend planet Earth. Lacking any form of team spirit or sense of responsibility, will they succeed? Tasked with preventing alien invasions in a space pit on the moon, their method of prevention is persuasion. Businessmen vs. Aliens is a 2018 Japanese-language show.

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      Release Date2018


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      E 1
      1. Episode 1: The Parol Alien
      E 2
      2. Episode 2: The Gouda Alien
      E 3
      3. Episode 3: The Samba Alien
      E 4
      4. Episode 4: The Tarpas Aliens
      E 5
      5. Episode 5: The Gerbarba Alien
      E 6
      6. Episode 6: The Lolalilas Alien
      E 7
      7. Episode 7: The Zorger Alien
      E 8
      8. Episode 8: The Somiaru Alien
      E 9
      9. Episode 9: The Gold Aliens
      E 10
      10. Episode 10: The Zuga Alien