Buddha Sutra


      Buddha Sutra is a 2015 Hindi-language television series featuring Shilpa Anthony Raj, Abraham George and Ajit George. Series originally aired on Netflix in Hindi. Netflix acquired the distribution rights for the series. Creator of the series is Vanessa Roth. Buddha Sutra has only one season and a cumulative total of 4 episodes which have a running time of 56-65 min. each.

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      Streaming Sources
      E 1
      Buddha and Buddhist Iconography
      E 2
      Jataka Tales and Schools of Buddhism
      E 3
      Nalanda University and Ashoka
      E 4
      Spread of Buddhism, Stupas and Viharas
      E 5
      Niravana and Bodhisatva
      E 6
      Buddhist Sangha, Circuit and the Dalai Lama