Bheti Lagi Jeeva


      Bheti Lagi Jeeva is a 2018 Japanese Marathi-language television show starring Susumu Kurobe, Akiji Kobayashi, Hiroko Sakurai, Sanday Dokumamushi, Masanari Nihei and Bin Furuya. Tsuburaya Productions was the production house involved in the project. Series originally aired on TBS in Marathi. United Artists Television acquired the distribution rights for the television show. Creators of the series include Tetsuo Kinjo and Eiji Tsuburaya. The television series has a running time of 24 minutes for each episode. The music was composed by Kunio Miyauchi.

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      Release Date2018


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      E 2
      Krishna s Problems Increase
      E 3
      Vikas Concern For Ajji
      E 4
      Ajji Talks To Vikas
      E 5
      Vikas Barges In
      E 6
      No Respect Left
      E 7
      Tatya Talks About Fatherhood
      E 8
      The Red Saree
      E 9
      Krishna s Tension Increases
      E 10
      Bonus Days
      E 11
      Tatya s Interview
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      Krishna Begs In Front Of Vikas
      E 13
      Ajji Disappoints Tatya
      E 14
      Tatya s Advice To Krishna
      E 15
      A Mother s Love
      E 16
      Krishna s Secret
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      E 18
      The Real Krishna
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      Vikas Comforts Ajji
      E 20
      Tatya Asks For Help
      E 21
      Vikas Stalks Krishna
      E 22
      Vihang Goes Missing
      E 23
      Vihang Is Kidnapped
      E 24
      Tatya Fights For Vihang
      E 25
      Tatya Gets Vihang Home

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