Beyblade Burst


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Elementary-school student Valt Aoi is crazy about Beyblade and is best friends with Shu Kurenai, who is a prodigy at the game and has been named to the national Beyblade tournament's final four. Inspired by his friend's accomplishment, Valt makes it his goal to reach the tournament himself. The first step on the road to the big leagues is to win his district tournament, which includes some tough opponents. As he makes his way up the ladder, Valt reaches new heights and extends his circle of friends, eventually -- unknowingly -- dreaming of becoming the best Blader in the world. Beyblade Burst is a 2016 Mandarin-language series. Series originally aired on Netflix in Mandarin. Netflix acquired the distribution rights for the show. Beyblade Burst has only one season and a cumulative total of 3 episodes which have a running time of 45-46 min. each.

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Netflix Mandarin
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Release Date2016
Run Time24 MINUTES


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E 1
Let’s Go! Valtryek!
E 2
Kerbeus: Guard Dog of the Underworld!
E 3
Blast Off! Rush Launch!
E 4
Beyblade Club: Let’s Get Started!
E 5
Into the Darkness! Dark Doomscizor!
E 6
Get Ready! Crash Course
E 7
The Flash Launch! It’s Crazy Fast!
E 8
A Powerful Opponent! Hyper Horusood!
E 9
Wyvron in the Way!
E 10
Get Over It! Trust in Valtryek!
E 11
Spryzen s Despair!
E 12
Shield Crash Menace!
E 13
Shu s Test!
E 14
The Battle We Promised!
E 15
A Fierce Battle! Valtryek Versus Spryzen!
E 16
A Group Lesson! Shakadera Special!
E 17
Extreme Xcalius!
E 18
Team Battle! It s Off the Hook!
E 19
Roktavor vs Unicrest!
E 20
Bring It Together! Chain Launch!
E 21
A Battle of Friendship!
E 22
Valtryek Awakens!
E 23
Lonely Doomscizor!
E 24
Full Strength, for Real!
E 25
The Mysterious Masked Blader!