They Cloned Tyrone


Action Comedy Mystery Sci-fi Thriller

In a futuristic neighborhood, Fontaine, a drug dealer facing various challenges, discovers a series of bizarre events involving experiments, mind control, and clones, ultimately leading him to uncover the truth and embark on a mission with his allies against the operation. They Cloned Tyrone is a 2023 American English-language Action Comedy film starring John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, Jamie Foxx, Kiefer Sutherland, David Alan Grier, J. Alphonse Nicholson and Niquitta S. Wolfe. MACRO Media was the production house involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Charles D. King, Stephen dr. Love, Tony Rettenmaier, Juel Taylor, Jamie Foxx and Datari Turner. They Cloned Tyrone is written by Tony Rettenmaier and Juel Taylor and it is directed by Juel Taylor. Netflix acquired the distribution rights for the movie. They Cloned Tyrone was released on 21st July 2023 and takes a screen time of 119 minutes. and it received positive reviews from critics when it was released. Cinematography was done by Ken Seng and editing by Saira Haider. The music was composed by Desmond Murray along with Pierre Charles.
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Release Date21 JUL 2023

English, Telugu


Action , Comedy , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

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They Cloned Tyrone Reviews and Ratings

Average Review Rating : positive


Positive Review Rating : 85%

    • Martin Carr

      That these crucial elements come through beneath the guise of a mainstream movie is commendable, as this Blaxploitation homage delivers some hard hitting home truths about contemporary culture for anyone paying attention. ( Read More )
    • Jesse Hassenger

      Despite this attack, Fontaine doesnt seem like hes itching to resort to violence; while hitting up local pimp Slick Charles (Jamie Foxx) for some money, hes appropriately threatening but not ice cold. ( Read More )
    • Mark Dujsik

      The setup and central notion of The Cloned Tyrone are so funny, smart, and incisive that it almost doesnt matter co writer/director Juel Taylor ... takes a few wrong turns in the third act. ( Read More )
    • Robert Daniels

      Even when the dialogue runs long and the films frights offer less terror than youd want in a sci fi mystery flick, an inspired Foxx, a subversive Parris, and a ruthless yet melancholic Boyega, who shoulders the bulk of the dramatic weight, retrofit common stereotypes of urban Black life into the rich, dynamic humanism of its reality. ( Read More )
    • Ross McIndoe

      The satire here isnt quite as on point as that of its predecessors, but it helps that Boyega, Parris, and Foxx share the sort of chemistry that even the most secretive government lab couldnt cook up. ( Read More )
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