The Unbelievable Truth


Comedy Drama Romance

Josh returns from prison and finds work at Vics auto repair shop, where he forms a relationship with Vics daughter, Audry, who gives up her place at Harvard to become a model, but eventually offers herself to Josh after discovering that he is innocent of the crime he was accused of committing. The Unbelievable Truth is a 1989 American English-language Comedy Drama film starring Adrienne Shelly, Robert Burke, Robert John Burke, Chris Cooke, Julia Mcneal, Katherine Mayfield and Mary Sue Flynn. Possible Films in association with Action Features. were the production houses involved in the project along with executive producer(s) Hal Hartley, Bruce Weiss and Jerome Brownstein. The motion picture is written and directed by Hal Hartley. Miramax Films acquired the distribution rights for the movie. The Unbelievable Truth was released on 8th November 1990 and takes a screen time of 90 minutes. and it received positive reviews from critics when it was released. The Unbelievable Truth was made on a budget of $38 million and at the box office it grossed only $0 million. Cinematography was done by Michael Spiller and editing by Hal Hartley. The music was composed by Jim Coleman.
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Release Date08 NOV 1990
Budget$ 38 MILLION



Comedy , Drama , Romance

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The Unbelievable Truth Reviews and Ratings

Average Review Rating : positive


Positive Review Rating : 65%

    • Roger Ebert

      Hal Hartleys The Unbelievable Truth is another example of that strange mixture of melodrama and irony that David Lynch has popularized with Twin Peaks. ( Read More )
    • Dennis Schwartz

      Hilarious black comedy..Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz This is writer director Hal Hartleys (Trust/Henry Fool) first feature shot in a little over a week in his hometown of Lindenhurst for a miniscule budget of something like $75, 000. ( Read More )
    • Emanuel Levy

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    • Hal Hartleys witty and extremely winning film is full of vitality and charm. ( Read More )
    • Dennis Schwartz

      The lesson Hartley teaches, is that keeping ones end of the bargain doesnt make you a better person or mean that is the right thing to do. ( Read More )
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