Mu Pherile Tumara

1991 - ORIYA - MOVIE

      Mu Pherile Tumara is a 1991 Indian Oriya-language motion picture featuring Nurjehan and Trilok Kapoor. The movie is inspired from Mirza Sahiban. Famous Pictures Studio Ltd. was the production house involved in the project along with executive producer(s) M. R. Navalkar. The movie is directed by K. Amarnath. Madhukar Pictures acquired the distribution rights for the movie. Mu Pherile Tumara was released on 1st January 1991 and takes a screen time of 190 mins. The screenplay for the movie was written by K. Amarnath, Qamar'jallalabadi and Aziz Kashmiri. Cinematography was done by M. R. Navalkar and editing by Vasant Borkar. The music was composed by Late Pt. Amarnath.

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