Maherchi Pahuni



      Sarita a medical student lovingly takes care of her family she lives along with her mother two brothers and sister.Sarita is very lovable to her village she saves Shubhangi from her molesters who was forced into a marriage and finds that Shubhangi loves her younger brother Ravi and gets them married.Sarita is soon diagnosed with leprosy while her brother Prabhakar his wife Malini their sister Ranjana and younger brother Ravi want to throw her out of the house against the wishes of their mother.Only support she find is in her brother in law Ashok and Shubhangi. Sarita starts to fight alone by taking shelter in a Ashram and tops the state in medical examination while her so called family wants to take the credit.While Ashok and Shubhangi make them realize to what extent they had shamed Sarita. Written by alex.mjacko@gmail.com Maherchi Pahuni is a 1999 Marathi -language Family movie featuring Kishori Ambiye, Subhash Hilage, Alka Inamdar, Dinkar Inamdar, Anand Kale, Avinash Kharshikar and Shekar Vatve.

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